Holistic healing at Resonating Energies uses different tools and techniques to work with energy to address the issues brought up in a session. Sessions can be used for preventative measures or for relaxation purposes. Some issues can be dealt with in a session; some take longer. The specific amount of time will vary with each individual and where they are in their life journey.

Resonating Energies offers:

• BodyTalk
• Reiki
• Chakra Balancing
• Meridian Technologies (includes EFT)
• Crystal Healing
• Sound Healing

These services can help with:

• Addictions - Smoking, Eating
• Phobias - Fear of failure, Animals
• Overwhelming Emotions - Anger, Anxiety, Sadness
• Outworn Beliefs - I am unworthy, I am not happy
• Sleep Issues - Sleep deprivation, Restless sleep
• Tension in relationships - Between Parent and Child
• Physical Aches and Pains - Headaches, Back pain
• Low Energy Levels - Lack of Energy, Drained
• Depression
• Rejection - from a friend, relative, team
• Digestive Issues - Indigestion, Constipation
• Communication Issues - Voicing your thoughts
• Concentrating - unable to focus on tasks at work
• Stress - At home or work
• Relaxing



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