About Nyssa

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BodyTalk: This is it!

Nyssa is a strong supporter of the “let’s work together” philosophy. When in 2005 she learned about The BodyTalk System, even at a young age, she knew her future career would be as a holistic energy healer.  By the next year, she had taken Fundamentals (modules 1, 2). With a true understanding of how all parts work as one, it became obvious how the bodymind had the ability to heal itself. As a unified team – with true respect for the value of ancient and modern alternative holistic teachings – BodyTalk professionals address issues as a stand-alone System or in conjunction with western medicine.  Healing sessions prove the expanding understanding of how individual physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual components operate as combined energies.

Grateful she has energetically walked a unique path to healing and self-discovery, Nyssa says, “It is amazing how shifts experienced in energy sessions have helped me express my true self and actively participated in my daily happiness”.  She has gained such broad experiences and expertise to offer her fortunate clients it is truly incredible. In a world where we have many choices to make, she stayed true to her internal guidance. Along with BodyTalk, her background includes three years of studies in Kinesiology and French (University of Windsor), Entrepreneurship and Small Business Certification (Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technologies) and accumulating client healing experiences in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Ontario. (And, she isn’t even one hundred yet!)

Dedicating her life to broadening her knowledge base, Nyssa acquired various practitioner certifications: Reiki Master, Meridian Technologies, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Chakra and Ch’i Balancing, Chromotherapy, Ether Healing, Sound, Vibrational, and Crystal Healing. In 2013, her certifications qualified her to be an Academy of Energy Healing - Certified Holistic Energy Practitioner - accredited through the International Natural Healers Association.

A Certified BodyTalk Practitioner since 2016, Nyssa added numerous modules to her Fundamentals (1,2) studies: Consciousness (3), BioDynamics (4/7), Lymphatic Drainage (5), Macrocosmic BodyMind (6), Matrix Dynamics, BodyTalk Access, Metaphysics, Three Brains, Soul’s Journey, Fascia Energetics, Mindscape, and PaRama. Aware how nature has “an amazing energy”, BodyTalk for Plants added to Nyssa’s love for professional landscaping.

So, what are some of the ways sessions with Nyssa will help you gain greater health and wellness? Techniques to balance and increase brain, immune, hydration and muscular skeletal system functions are just some of them. Emotions can make our thoughts cloudy and confused too. When anger, fear, guilt and other heavy baggage attach to our natural happy inner being, BodyTalk effortlessly releases the dense, restrictive energy. Positive changes in our lives happen right away with non-invasive, safe, simple techniques practiced worldwide.

Call Nyssa Zak today and book your session so you too can begin to enjoy the restored balance of mind, body and spirit.  You will feel so much better with the gift of healing energies specifically for your particular needs. You will be amazed as you remember this is how it feels to be me. “This is it!”