Resonating Energies


Nyssa chose the name Resonating Energies because it represents a sense of unity, strength, and harmony. There is unity within each of us: atoms, molecules, and organs. When these components are in harmony, we feel good. We draw strength from how we think and feel. When we do not feel good, there is energy disruption. The goal is to resonate the energies again so there is harmony.

There is strength in unity. We feel better and more connected when we spend time with others or reunite with a friend who lives far away. We feel disconnected, separated, and sometimes even alone when we part from someone. We thrive in harmonious unity. When we have a common goal, we unite together to achieve it. We feel like part of something bigger. We feel included. We grow stronger when we are in harmony, individually and as a group. The more in sync the group is with their common goal, the easier it is to achieve it.

There is strength in unity.

We thrive in harmonious unity.

We grow stronger when we are in harmony.

There are different ways to make energy feel good and fit together depending on where we are in life and the energy we want to be putting forth. Sometimes energy may become distorted – when you feel illness, stress, discomfort, or dis-ease, there is some part of your being that is out of sync. Using sound as an example, sound may not come out clear, like a radio station that needs tuning. The knobs or antennas may need a touch up or two to get the signal loud and clear. Some energy may be overwhelming, like a really loud sound, or sometimes may not be energetic enough, like a very quiet sound. When a sound resonates with another sound it intensifies. There are different tools and techniques that can be used to change the energy being put forth. The end goal is resonating energies so all of the energy being put forth is harmonious and in sync, creating a healthy you. The two energy wavelengths in the logo takes this a step further and represent two beings in harmony with each other: resonating with each other. When we are in harmony with each other, we can amplify our abilities to create wondrous things in an enjoyable atmosphere.

The wavelengths above each of the words represent the brainwaves that emanate from our heads. The alertness and activity levels in our brains create different energy wavelengths. When our brains are really active the wavelengths happen quickly; when we relax they slow down, as our brain is less active. Quite often during a session clients will start out in beta waves and then gradually shift to alpha waves. Some clients will even go to theta and delta waves; delta waves occur when we are sleeping.

Holistically tuning you up was thought of in the sense that through making touch ups here and there using energy healing, it would restore balance and harmony in you and bring resonance within yourself and with others. The wavelength in the tagline line illustrates bringing you from a neutral place to a state where you feel relaxed and energized.

Nyssa wanted to find an original way to incorporate the chakras in the logo that stayed clear of the standard use of flowers and traditional descriptors. Each chakra is related to multiple body parts so I chose one that was easily identifiable to represent each one. Along the chakra theme, it was still the plan to use their associated colours and the order of the chakras, root to crown. Normally, we see the order of the chakras in a vertical fashion either stand-alone or on the body. I envision clients lying down for a session where their chakras appear horizontally.