Electromagnetic Spectrum

The range of frequencies, or at least that we are aware of, can be found in the electromagnetic spectrum.

Frequencies are everywhere. Light is a range of frequencies, which we, as humans, have further categorized into colours and then shades. Some frequencies are harmful like ultraviolet light. This range of frequency can cause sunburns if there is too much exposure to it. Different frequencies, like x-rays, are harmful to our bodies while others are beneficial to us. We interact with a wide range of frequencies everyday. Exposing ourselves to frequencies that work well for us rather than ones that cause problems, can allow us to function with ease.


Everything emits a frequency. We are able to identify some frequencies with our senses.  We can hear sounds and see colours.  Our taste buds tell us when food tastes good or we dislike it.  Light is untouchable, however plants are not. Emotions are untouchable but a person’s body is not.  We can feel the emotion someone is emitting, especially when they are extremely angry or in pure delight.