“Today’s session with Nyssa was incredible.  I was able to immediately relax and feel at ease just by her energy alone.  She took the time to ask me questions about me and explain what the experience would be like.

The session was completely quiet which made me feel her sense of confidence in this healing modality.

Throughout the session the warm sensations filled specific parts of my body like a blanket.

I truly felt like I was in a state of hypnosis as my breath deepened and my back body sank deeper into the table.

If you are interested in a thorough, expanded Reiki healing experience with intention, then go to Nyssa.

You walk away freer, lighter, less stuck and connected.”

- Selam, 32

“I came in thinking I had to deal with my stress levels, but to my surprise I had underlying emotions I had to face first.  The stress I came in with is gone, as well as the brick of emotions that was weighing me down.  This session helped me realize there’s more than meets the eye.  I am completely satisfied with my treatment.  Meridian Technologies are great therapy tools.”

- Leanne, 37

“A Reiki treatment from Nyssa is a most spiritual healing experience for me.

She is not only competent in her field, but uses her psychic ability to assist with sensing your physical and emotional conditions.

After a healing session, I always feel more relaxed, and have a “knowing”, that at the time, all is well.  Any previous tension is dissipated.”

- Shirley, 84