Energy Blockages

Energy blockages may form when energy does not run smoothly through the body. This can happen due to physical injury, like breaking a bone, but energy flow is also greatly influenced by our individual ability to process everything we are taking in. It could be a small blockage that just started to form in the past week or it might be a dense one that's been around for years. Regardless of when they were formed, clearing these blockages can help return the body to a healthy energy flow and improve function.

Our ability to process situations, thoughts, and experiences is affected by the way we deal with energy. Everyone has developed ways to process energy through their personal experiences and the influence of their parents and other role models. A situation may be easy to deal with for one person, while for someone else that exact same situation may prove to be very difficult. For example the experience of someone who takes the bus every day compared to someone who is taking it for the very first time. Energy can also build up due to our thoughts and beliefs of a situation. Perhaps growing up, we frequently heard that money is scarce and unconsciously internalized this belief. This could influence our lives in many ways, like buying only the bare minimum of food, not joining a sports team, only using public transportation, doing fewer activities with friends, or never going on vacation. Now as adults, we have ways to change our income level, so this belief could prove to be useless. However, we still hear it playing in our heads and find ourselves acting as if that was the case. In other words, even though this energy is no longer of use to us, we may have a hard time releasing it and end up keeping it in the body anyways. It could prove very beneficial to work on releasing energy, thoughts, and beliefs we find useless and allow more advantageous thoughts, beliefs, and energy to form. I have plenty of money to buy food. I can afford a car. I am able to travel. Energy blockages can appear in the body or in different layers of the aura.



Breaking a Bone

As shown above, you may have energy blockages when experiencing a headache or breaking a bone.  As you work on getting from the unwanted state to the desired state, energy changes and you are shifted to where you want to be.  It is quite common to have an excess of energy while in some cases (as depicted in orange below) the exact opposite occurs.