Introduction to Energy Healing

Everyone is made up of energy. The denser the energy the more solid it is. We, as humans, are dense beings in the sense that we are solid, can hold together what makes up our body, and can touch and be touched with a noticeable solid resistance.

Everything on the planet is made up of atoms. Atoms interact with energy in many different ways; they can emit, absorb, reflect, transmit and more. Since humans are made up of atoms we emit, absorb, reflect, and transmit energy. Just like plugging in a hairdryer results in heat, when humans absorb energy we also emit heat.

Energy is described in terms of waves. Some examples of different types are sound waves, water waves, and electromagnetic waves. Water waves and sound waves are called mechanical waves because they require a medium to travel through. The ripples seen on the surface show the energy traveling through the water. Some waves, like electromagnetic waves, do not require a medium. Electromagnetic waves can travel in a vacuum, like light from the sun, where mechanical waves, like sound, would have no medium. Electromagnetic waves are absorbed and emitted by the planet and all living things, including humans.

Energy can be transferred from one medium to another. Sound waves travel through the air into our ears differing in the amount, or intensity, of energy they carry. Our body processes the energy provided by the sound wave and we have various ways to determine what that sound means. For example, when we hear the same energy, or sound, repeatedly we come to identify the sound through cause and effect. Alternatively, if everyone tells us that barking is the sound that dogs make, we identify that sound with the word barking.

The universe is constantly exposing us to energy and our bodies are able to register this energy in various ways. The energy our ears process can tell us when we are in danger or when our favourite song is playing. The energy our eyes are able to detect can tell us when there is a rainbow in the sky or when we need to move out of the way because someone is in our path. In a similar way, we pick up energy from others when they feel sad or happy. We feel it when someone is angry with us. We absorb joy that emanates from a friend and we want to join in. Energy affects us in many ways.

Holistic healing at Resonating Energies uses different tools and techniques to work with energy and address concerns brought up in a session. Sessions can deal with issues for preventative measures or for relaxation purposes. Some issues can be dealt with in a single session, others will take longer. The specific amount of time will vary with each individual and where they are in their life journey.


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